The Beginning of our Journey


Our journey began with CMU-NITK Winter School 2014 which was held from 10th December to 24th December at NITK Surathkal. 44 students from 30 institutions belonging to all corners of the country were selected to participate in this program. After a lot of confusion regarding the team formations, the three of us randomly got together. Prof. Bhiksha Raj, Prof. Rita Singh and Mr. Pulkit Agrawal introduced us to a plethora of ideas ranging from developing a national voiceprint database to detecting crime patterns. Inspired by them, we decide to pitch in our ideas for the projects. However, coming up with ideas and supporting them with feasible solutions seemed a daunting task.

Just then, we came up with an idea out of nowhere. While chatting with a friend, it was a little irritating to open the list of emoticons and choose the appropriate one to convey our message more clearly. We wondered why can’t the machine itself understand the emotion behind our words and insert an emoticon accordingly. This is when we came across the idea of developing a system that recognizes emotion out of any given text.

The applications of such a system are plenty. Personalized information generation for every user like advertisements, search results, etc can transform the web world. Such a system will enable the development of powerful human-computer interaction machines and will also lead to the evolution of more intuitive and emotionally characterized text to speech systems. Or how about developing the perfect recipe to inspire millions of people through a speech? We could analyze speeches by the world’s greatest personalities to find out how the flow of emotions from their words inspired millions of people.

For the next 2 weeks, we worked day and night to achieve our objectives. We made great progress under the guidance of Bhiksha Sir, Rita Ma’am and Pulkit. We tried a number of different ways of achieving our objective and got mixed results. As in the field of research, we kept on experimenting with a number of different ways through which we could come up with a more improved system. The 14 days ended in a flash. However, we had already begun our journey to develop a system that could understand emotions through text. Inspired by our research guides, our team continues to work on this project to make Project Texemo successful.

So get ready to be emoted by us, Texemo is coming soon!!


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